March 26 2006

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March 26th, 2006 (March 26 2006)EventIn Scotland, the prohibition of smoking in all substantially enclosed public places comes into force.
March 26th, 2006 (March 26 2006)EventThe military junta ruling Myanmar officially named Naypyidaw, a new city in Mandalay Division, as the new capital. Yangon had formerly been the nation s capital.
March 26th, 2006 (March 26 2006)DeathAnil Biswas, Indian politician (born in 1944)
March 26th, 2006 (March 26 2006)DeathPaul Dana, American race car driver (born in 1975)
March 26th, 2006 (March 26 2006)DeathNikki Sudden, British singer/songwriter (born in 1956)
March 26th, 1996 (March 26 1996)EventThe International Monetary Fund approves a $10.2 billion loan for Russia.
March 26th, 1996 (March 26 1996)DeathEdmund Muskie, American politician (born in 1914)
March 26th, 1996 (March 26 1996)DeathDavid Packard, American engineer and businessman (born in 1912)
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)EventQueen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)BirthJoachim Alcine, Haitian-born Quebec boxer
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)BirthAmy Smart, American actressAmy Smart Quotes
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)BirthNatalia Livingston, American actress
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)BirthNurgul Yesilcay, Turkish actress
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)BirthUfuk Talay, Australian soccer player
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)DeathJosef Albers, German artist (born in 1888)
March 26th, 1976 (March 26 1976)DeathLin Yutang, Chinese writer (born in 1895)Lin Yutang Quotes
March 26th, 1966 (March 26 1966)BirthNick Wirth, British engineer
March 26th, 1966 (March 26 1966)BirthMichael Imperioli, American actor
March 26th, 1956 (March 26 1956)BirthCharly McClain, American singer
March 26th, 1946 (March 26 1946)BirthJohnny Crawford, American actor
March 26th, 1946 (March 26 1946)BirthAlain Madelin, French politician
March 26th, 1926 (March 26 1926)DeathKonstantin Fehrenbach, Chancellor of Germany (born in 1852)
March 26th, 1916 (March 26 1916)BirthChristian B. Anfinsen, American chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1995)
March 26th, 1916 (March 26 1916)BirthBill Edrich, English cricketer (died in 1986)
March 26th, 1916 (March 26 1916)BirthSterling Hayden, American actor (died in 1986)
March 26th, 1906 (March 26 1906)BirthRafael Mendez, Mexican trumpetist (died in 1981)
March 26th, 1896 (March 26 1896)BirthRudolf Dassler, Founder of PUMA AG (died in 1974)
March 26th, 1886 (March 26 1886)BirthHugh Mulzac, America military officer (died in 1971)
March 26th, 1876 (March 26 1876)BirthPrince William of Wied (died in 1945)
March 26th, 1776 (March 26 1776)DeathSamuel Ward, American politician (born in 1725)
March 26th, 1726 (March 26 1726)DeathSir John Vanbrugh, English dramatist (born in 1664)
March 26th, 1636 (March 26 1636)EventUtrecht University is founded in The Netherlands.
March 26th, 1566 (March 26 1566)DeathAntonio de Cabezon, Spanish composer (born in 1510)
March 26th, 1546 (March 26 1546)DeathThomas Elyot, English diplomat
March 26th, 1516 (March 26 1516)BirthConrad Gessner, Swiss naturalist (died in 1565)
March 26th, 1026 (March 26 1026)EventPope John XIX crowns Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor.

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